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Infinity Traffic Boost: Earn 3.2 Bitcoin In 21days

Infinity Traffic Boost (ITB) is an advertising platform that has been in existence for over 5 years now! It provides a way for you to view adverts daily and earn bitcoin through it.

Every 10 ad pages viewed earns you 1 share = 70 to 100satoshi. A Satoshi here = 0.00000001 BTC. Asides from these passive earnings, you also have an opportunity to earn 3.2btc in 21 days. With a one-time out-of-pocket 0.005btc ($3) traffic pack purchase, using a simple Fast track process of viewing ads daily and referring just 4 people, those 4 will also duplicate the process and reinvest your earnings up until you get your full 3.2 bitcoin.

Yes! It’s that simple. Everyone can afford it. Everyone can do it. It’s very important you also watch the 7mins Fast track video below to get this concept fully!!

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Frequently Ask Questions and Answers

1. Can I earn without referrals?

Ans: yes, you can earn without referrals but less amount by surfing ads every day, unless you are a super surfer to surf up to 3.4 BTC 😅.

2. Why should I referral at least 4 members?

Ans in other to reach 3.4 BTC in 21 days, we have deployed a strategy that involves referring a minimum of 4 members and settings the “use earnings to pay for TPO to pay your way up” option in your back office.

3. Can I withdraw at any time?

Ans yes, you can withdraw at your wish, but to reach 3.4 BTC you are advised not to withdraw till 42days (come on 42days is just 1 month and 12 days.)

4. What is many percentages referral commission?

Ans 80% commission for upgraded members and 30% for free surfers members.

5. How long has the company been in existence?

Ans this company has been in for 2 years without payment issues

6. Who are the team behind this?

Ans you can find the details of the team and the company address on the official website ( or you can view the marketing site www.add2it.com )

7. How can I register?

Ans please we advise you to go back to the person that invites you to this group for his referral link for proper guidance.

8. I don’t have $3 – $5 Bitcoin in my wallet and I don’t know where to buy such a low amount?

Ans: Since the startup amount is so low and no seller will like to sell such a low amount because of network fees. Write a comment at the end of this post and you will be replied with a link that will connect you to a group of sellers who are willing to sell a low amount of bitcoin.

9. How else can I benefit as a member of infinity traffic booster?

Ans:- apart from surfing and earning, there are other means of making cool cash daily. Many have received tons of credit after buying TPO. You can use that credit to promote your business and make traffic to your website or business. You can as well that credit to build up downlines for your networking or online business.

How to get started with earning bitcoins

  1. You must be a registered member of infinity traffic booster to make use of this tools
  2. You must buy TPO from tier 1 up to use this great marketing tools
  3. Log in to your dashboard, click on Get exposure choose a marketing ad type, add ur other biz dia to receive daily visits to it and you are good to go.

To learn how to buy TPO and upgrade, also how to surf and earn this video will help you

Are you still confused? Watch this video which explains and solves the math on how to earn 3.4 BTC

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