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How Web Design Can Help Your Business

Whether it is your first foray into the digital world or not, getting a new website design can be the single best business decision you can make. But if you are still on the fence about this move, let us help enlighten and guide you in making the most informed choice possible.

In this article, we will share the top seven reasons why it makes sense to invest in a new website design. We provide practical reasons and their real-world applications so that you can clearly see how they can be useful for your business. Read on…

To Be Competitive

According to the latest Statista.com research findings, there will be approximately 4.6 billion mobile phone users in the world. With this statistic, internet access penetration is also expected to rise as the year progresses.

As an entrepreneur, there is no better time to stay at the lead of the pack than today. By getting a new website design for your business or personal brand, you are setting yourself apart from your competition. At a time when your competitions have not yet established their online presence, you should begin creating your own.

A new website will allow you to get online for your niche or industry early. Your website will become the go-to site for customer searching for services or products that you offer. And since your competitors do not yet have their online presence established, all the associated customer leads and subsequent sales will be yours to capture. Isn’t that great?

Business Rebranding

Another reason why it is a good move to invest in a new website design is that a new website can be an effective tool in spreading the word about your business rebranding. This is particularly useful for businesses who have not yet seen success with their current list of products and services and wants to reformat their own company.

Business rebranding can be done by simply changing your business goals and objectives. Or, you may still have the more or less the same goals but you just want to present new packaging and branding identity designs for your products.

Getting a new website design to match the reformatted products and services that you are offering will create a sense of coherence between your marketing campaigns. This will be more effective if you also use the same branding elements in all your web properties as well as your print and on-site marketing collaterals.

New Products or Services

Earlier, we talked about business reformatting or rebranding and this mainly happens whether or not new products and services are created. The next reason why it pays to invest in a new website design is entirely different from the previous reason we have just discussed.

If your business or company intends to launch new products or offer an exciting new business, having a new website design to complement the product launch can work wonders for your brand.

For instance, if you are the manufacturer of wooden furniture and you want to launch a new furniture line that is all made from responsibly sourced wood made by local furniture makers, a revamped website design will work wonders to help increase traction to your new furniture line. This same approach can then be applied across different industries as long as you take the necessary steps to make the new website design match what you are selling.

Increase Average Visit Duration

Another more practical reason why it makes sense to get a new website design is its effect on your customer engagement. Customers who visit your website are more likely to stay on the page to read and find out more about your services or products when these pieces of information are presented well.

And when the average visit duration to your site has increased, search engines are more likely inclined to rank your website site. This then brings your website (and, in extension, your business) at the top of the search engine results page and can mean more chances of being visited by more potential customers.

Just by simply getting a  new well-designed website, your business’ earning potential can dramatically increase. What’s more exciting is that you can track and see the increase in average page visit duration in real-time and then compare its effect to your daily or weekly sales.

If you want to see this kind of result for your business with just a simple shift in website design, then what are you waiting for?

Sleeker User Experience

As more people have access to the internet, more people begin to ask for improvements to the websites they visit. People want to access sites at fast speeds without having to wait. And if they are told to wait, they want to be accurately informed of the page’s status.

As the website owner, you can help improve your website visitors’ browsing experiencing by making sure you get a new website design that is optimized for smooth user experience.

User experience is a buzzword in the online world today because it can be used as an indicator of a site’s relevance and helpfulness. When search engines and even real people find that they can use all the features of your website without too much loading times or if a site uses helpful and creative page loaders, they will be reminded of the enjoyable time they spend on your site.

That is why if you wish to evoke a positive user experience from your brand’s official website, you should better invest in UX-optimized new website design. Getting this as a non-negotiable feature for your website will definitely help you and your business in the long run as more and more people appreciate the ease with which they can navigate through your website.

Better User Interface

Another reason why it is practical to get a new website design may be due to the fact that a new web design means the customer also gets a new user interface. In most cases, a better user interface will work hand in hand with having a better user experience.

But before you can achieve a problem-free website user experience, you need to make sure that your website only has the best functionalities and physical features. To provide a better user interface, you may have to choose a new website design that revamps your current menu navigation, your site widgets, and even the kind of logo design you use.

All these things may seem easy to change at first glance. But if you want your website to have a more put-together look, choose a new website design that follows a theme. You can even go through some design sites like Canva.com and Template.net to get some design inspiration. These sites contain thousands of design elements and pre-made templates that can be incorporated into your website to make have a better-looking user interface.

Optimize SEO and Mobile Readiness

An important reason why you should invest in new website design to get your webpage ready for SEO and for a new mobile format. As we have mentioned earlier, mobile phone use is predicted to reach 4.6 billion users within the next year.

This means that more and more people will have direct access to the internet using their mobile phones. And as an entrepreneur, you need to get yourself and your business ready to meet the needs of this new tech-savvy market.

Getting your website optimized for search engines also means that your site is more likely to show up in the search engine results page than ever before. Remember, the money is on the first page of the search results as these are the sites that people will trust more and click on more.

By getting a new SEO and mobile-ready website design, you are making your business more adaptable to the changes in the market. And when you do so, your business is more inclined to reap all the benefits from this transition.

Are You Ready To Get A New Website Design?

Of course, getting a new website design is half the battle when it comes to online marketing and getting the necessary traction for your business online. But still, this is one great step that any business owner and entrepreneur can do without having to spend too much.

If you truly want your online business to succeed, leverage your new website design with an effective email and social media marketing strategy. It may take a little while for you to learn everything you can about these kinds of marketing strategies. But once you get the hang out of it, the steps will fall into place and it will all be very easy to implement.

We hope that the seven reasons we have enumerated in this article have indeed helped convince you into taking that first step. You may just be investing in a new website design but when you look at that decision from a different perspective, you will see it as the start of a new stage in being a more knowledgeable and more competent business owner. So, take that first step now.

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