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Reach More Buyers
With An Online Store.

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Let us help you attract new customers online and retain them for a lifetime with a memorable online shopping experience.

Customers now have high expectations for their online shopping experience. Why not? When a quick Google search could be used to replace a website or online store that does not live up to their expectations. We can build the eCommerce/online store solutions that will attract clients to buying from you over and over again.

Your customers should have a seamless shopping experience when they land on your website. The setup of web hosting, payment processing, delivery partners integration, and other technical aspects of running a successful online store are our responsibility. We’ll help you keep all that tech stuff behind the scenes where it belongs.

Affordable ecommerce website in Nigeria

We build for success!

We build online stores with the success of your business in mind. We'll provide you the platform you need to support growth today and tomorrow, whether you're launching your first product online or managing a massive inventory with thousands of products.

Shop on Any Device

There should be an easy access to online shopping. Your online store will instantly scale. itself to fit any resolution and screen size, thanks to our responsive design approach.

Customer Insights

An online store contains a wealth of useful analytics. We'll work with you to thoroughly examine your customer data in order to find fresh marketing opportunities and focus on improvements that will increase your ROI.

Digital Presence

Your online store may be used for almost anything you can think of, including:

  • A platform for your web content and product descriptions,
  • A blog that can share the history of your business,
  • A direct communication line to your customer service, etc.

Let's design a cutting-edge online store that will get everyone talking.

Our  Approach

(1.) 360° View at Your Business

Are you sick and tired of web agencies and gurus that don't deliver results? Your entire online store operation deserves full treatment, not just fixes for one or two issues.

Since your business is more than the sum of its parts, we carefully take into considertion the logistics, workflow automation, data migration, marketing, design, and branding as they are all essential components of a successful online store.

Let Digital Skill Solutions Hub  assess your business and deliver a perfect eCommerce solution.

(2.) Discover, Research and Design

Prior to beginning any work on your online store, we will perform the necessary groundwork of understanding you and your business. In order to fully understand your needs, we will conduct an in-depth discussions that will last usually about 30 minutes to discover the process we need to adopt.

(3.) Online Store Development

Take advantage of our over 8 years of experience with building beautiful and functional online shopping experiences. We will create the best solution possible. With the latest technologies, we will build an online store that is capable of handling task and automating your business in a way that you never thought possible.

In addition, we manage intricate integrations involving portals, CRMs, and APIs, depending on the package you choose from the pricing plan available on our website.

Features to Anticipate

We can help you navigate the intimidating process of starting an online store. We will work with you to decide on the best strategy for your eCommerce business, taking into account certain features such as technology, design, shipping, payment, and any other features that is right for your online business.

Mobile Responsive

Regardless of the device or screen size your prospects use to view your store, It should still look stunning.

Product Catalog/Inventory

Apart from selling online, We'll create a product inventory that will help you keep accurate stock of your items.

Delivery Options & Partners

We'll help you stay profitable by carefully customizing your delivery options. Flat rates, free delivery, etc.

Marketing Integration

We will integrate your online store to various digital marketing platforms via API, such as Google, Meta, etc.

Multiple Payment Methods

We can help you integrate Online payments, Payment on Delivery & Bank Transfer payment options.

Live Chat Integration

Don't miss out on engaging with customers who are not patient enough to go through checkout.

Electronic Invoicing

Our digital invoicing system will automatically email an invoice to your customers when they buy from you.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

When customers add products to cart & forget to complete purchase, your site will send a reminder.

Customer Reviews/Feedback

Nothing draws a crowd like a crowd, when people testify about your products, more sales come knocking.

Receive Orders and Online Payments From Customers Even in Your Sleep!

Let us automate the selling process for you. We build top-notch online stores that sell on your behalf even when you are closed for the day. Waking up to orders is no longer a flex, it's a norm these days, and the earlier you jump on the trend, the better for business. With our eCommerce solution, you are rest assured of premium and up-to-date features/technologies. 

ecommerce website design in Nigeris
ecommerce website designers in Lagos

Expand Your Online Retail Capabilities with POS (Point of Sale) System Integration.

Our POS (point of sale) system interfaces seamlessly with your online store, bringing the power of your online store to your physical store without any syncing problems or headaches.

Our goal is to make omnichannel retail simpler for small business owners by offering them a practical and adaptable way to sell both online and in-store.

Don't know where to start?

We are happy to get on a call with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does your eCommerce website design project take?

A standard eCommerce website project duration takes between one and two weeks to complete depending on the number of pages, products and work involved. eCommerce stores with advanced features and alot of products can take up to one month or more. The duration depends on how complex your website is, and we always state the duration of the project towards the end of the proposal we send to our clients.

Can I manage my Online store website by myself?

Yes you can, once we have completed your online store, we allow room for revisions and corrections from you which is free on our part, once that phase is complete, we will then hand over the site to you or your management team by sending your login credentials. We also offer tailored trainings on website administration and content management if you have no experience managing a website before. This training can come as a free service depending on the website package you choose.

If you want us to continue managing and updating your eCommerce website after we have completed your project, you will have to opt-in to our monthly recurring website maintenance and updates package,

  • We will perform frequent updates and system upgrades
  • We will make sure all the integrations (Payment gateway, Google services etc) are properly connected.
  • We will update pages content (text, images, colours etc)
  • We will manage your inventory, update products, pricing, delivery partners etc.

Will my website be accessible worldwide?


Once we launch your website to the public web, anyone in the workd with access to internet can see and interact with your website, contact your business or order for your products in the case of an eCommerce website. You can accept payments for products and services globally in any currency, you can also deliver physical goods to your customers anywhere they may be.

How do I go about accepting payments on my website?

If your are going to accept online payments for your products or services via your website, we can help you sign up with the appropraite platforms that can make this possible. Because these platforms (Stripe, PayPal, Flutterwave, PayStack, etc.) require your personal and banking information, we can only help you with the process of getting on-board as you have to provide those information and approve any verification process where necessary by yourself.

Once your account is created and approved, we will take. it up from there and proceed with the integration and tagging the appropriate price to your products or services.

Is your pricing plan one-time or recurring?

Our website design pricing is a one-time fee,

However, there's a small amount that is charged yearly for renewal of your domain name and hosting package, including other server resources such as SSL certificates, Send us a message here if you need more clarity on this yearly recurring fee.

Will you be available to provide support after the project?

Yes, we will be available to provide FREE support after the project is completed where necessary for up to the first 3 months. After this 3 months free support period, subsequent support with content updates, uploads and site management will come at an addition fee depending on the duration you need the support. 

Standard eCommerce
Pricing Package

See Basic eCommerce Pricing

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