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A Beautiful Website is Good for Business...

Website designers in Lagos Nigeria

Your website is your first opportunity to wow potential online customers, not your amazing customer service or your cutting-edge facility.

Unfortunately, today's internet users are not easily impressed. They spend about 15 seconds on your website on average, and if they don't like what they see, they will move on to visit one of your competitors. People won't stick around to check out your website if it is not engaging and up to date.

And if your website is difficult to use, they will leave quickly without making any purchase or book an appointment for the services you offer.

Website design company in Lagos

What do you want?

Your business may not need a corporate website, but an eCommerce website or a marketing website, We can help you decide which one is best for your business in a FREE 30-minuites consultation today. 

Corporate Website

Given the high level of trust issues present in today's world. Doing business without a website is risky on all levels. Let us craft the perfect website that will inspire trust from your clients.

eCommerce Website

If you sell physical products in a store or stock inventory at home, there is no better time start selling online than now! 

Marketing Website.

A lot of businesses make the mistake of driving traffic from ads to an elaborate website... With our sales funnel strategy, we create high converting landing pages that drives sales.

Our Approach

Phase 1: Initial Consultation.

The success of your website depends on our ability to know about your brand & objectives of your target market.

We begin by getting to know your business, including your brand history, your unique selling propositions, and, of course, your objectives. We evaluate your current website (if you have one) before getting to study your industry & best practices.

We then finally develop a plan for the website, including the website layout, colors, content and delivery.

Phase 2: The Design Phase

Images are processed by the brain more quickly than words. Therefore, when creating, we use the ideal combinations of graphics, colors, fonts, layout, and calls-to-action to draw in and engage your audience.

As a result, users are guaranteed to navigate the website easily, take in the content, develop trust, and naturally complete the desired action.

Phase 3: Development

When we have perfected the design, we proceed to the development phase, where we create the web pages based on the results from the previous phases, insert your content, and make sure everything functions flawlessly.

In addition, we manage intricate integrations involving portals, CRMs, and APIs, depending on the website design package you choose from the pricing plan available here on this page.

Don't know where to start?

We are happy to get on a call with you.

Notable Website Features

We combine structure and design together to create an effective website. We provide this to you by applying our tested technological expertise, ingenuity, and in-depth knowledge of your brand, and goals. Below are some notable features that can be found on our websites:

Mobile Responsive

Regardless of the device or screen size your prospects use to view your website, It should still look stunning.

Optimized For Speed

We consider how fast a website should load when building for our clients, we hate slow websites too.

Feedback/Inquiry Forms

Your customers should have a way of getting in touch with you even if they don't want to talk on the phone.

Optimized for Search

Not only will your website look stunning and function well, it will also be findable on search engines.

Conversion Optimization

What's even better is having a stunning website that can convert visitors into leads and customers!

Live Chat Integration

Don't miss out on engaging on-the-go prospects who are not patient enough to dial your business line.

Accept Online Payments

Not only will your website look stunning and function well, it will also be findable on search engines.

Email Newsletters

What's even better is having a stunning website that can convert visitors into leads and customers!

Business Blog 

Don't miss out on engaging on-the-go prospects who are not patient enough to dial your business line.

Our Portfolio

Clients are pleased with our work.

Ethel Women Initiative

Aviagreene Flight Services

Your business can also succeed online!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does your website design project take?

A standard business or corporate and single-page websites or landing pages take between one and two weeks to complete depending on the number of pages and work involved. Projects for eCommerce stores with advanced features or custom business websites can take up to one month or more. The duration depends on how complex your website is, and we always state the duration of the project towards the end of the proposal we send to our clients.

Can I manage my website by myself once you are done?

Yes you can, once we have completed your web project, we allow room for revisions and corrections from you which is free on our part, once that phase is complete, we will then hand over the site to you or your management team by sending your login credentials. We also offer tailored trainings on website administration and content management if you have no experience managing a website before. This training can come as a free service depending on the website package. you choose.

If you want us to continue managing and updating your website after we have completed your project, you will have to opt-in to our monthly recurring website maintenance and updates package,

  • We will perform frequent updates and system upgrades
  • We will update pages content (text, images, colours etc)
  • We will manage your inventory, update products, pricing, delivery partners etc.

Will my website be accessible worldwide?


Once we launch your website to the public web, anyone in the workd with access to internet can see and interact with your website, contact your business or order for your products in the case of an eCommerce website. You can accept payments for products and services globally in any currency, you can also deliver physical goods to your customers anywhere they may be.

How do I go about accepting payments on my website?

If your are going to accept online payments for your products or services via your website, we can help you sign up with the appropraite platforms that can make this possible. Because these platforms (Stripe, PayPal, Flutterwave, PayStack, etc.) require your personal and banking information, we can only help you with the process of getting on-board as you have to provide those information and approve any verification process where necessary by yourself.

Once your account is created and approved, we will take. it up from there and proceed with the integration and tagging the appropriate price to your products or services.

Is your pricing plan one-time or recurring?

Our website design pricing is a one-time fee,

However, there's a small amount that is charged yearly for renewal of your domain name and hosting package, including other server resources such as SSL certificates, Send us a message here if you need more clarity on this yearly recurring fee.

Will you be available to provide support after the project?

Yes, we will be available to provide FREE support after the project is completed where necessary for up to the first 3 months. After this 3 months free support period, subsequent support with content updates, uploads and site management will come at an addition fee depending on the duration you need the support. 

Pricing Package

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